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Vegetarian Hacks

As a vegetarian, I often encounter roadblocks when it comes to eating out. And even when I see no issues in finding something to eat, it always seems like my friends think of me as a burden when choosing where to go or whether or not there are going to be options for me. After […]

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Identify your 25

Throughout life, people have about 25 places they tend to frequent. We all have certain “go to” places, such as favorite restaurants, bars, movie theaters, coffee shops, car repair facilities, etc. I have a theory that this is because we simply cannot attend to everything in our environment. We would go crazy if we took […]

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Best Burgers & Brews in LNK

Donuts and coffee. Steak and potatoes. Hotdogs and soft drinks, Angelina and Brad Pitt (RIP). There are plenty of awesome one-two combos out there, but one is usually overlooked: Burgers & Beer. Seriously, what’s better than cold brew alongside a juicy burger? NOTHING I TELL YOU! …Also, is there a more ‘American’ combo than that? […]

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