Lincoln, Omaha and the greater Midwest isn’t nicknamed the Silicon Prairie for nothing—our cities are bulging at the seams with startups, entrepreneurs, coders and dreamers with ideas, endless coffee and rickety desks trying to make something new for our world. Luckily for Lincoln and Omaha restaurants, starting a business only grows our appetites.

Listed below are a few startups and their preferences on where to eat around these parts. Comment below if you agree (or vehemently disagree)!



The crew of yours truly prefers Asian Fusion, Fireside, Ming’s House—especially their black pepper chicken—and the Vietnamese tastes of Vung Tau Pho Grill off of the 27th Street neighborhood in Lincoln.



These health care software developers constantly crave Imperial Palace, notably their fish-flavored pork or braised string beans with minced beef. Students can find this at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Union!

Don’t Panic Labs


It’s rumored alcohol enhances coding ability, so that must be why the DP crew loves Boiler Brewing Company in the Grand Manse Building in downtown Lincoln. Also popular is the healthy Burrito Nirvana at Pepe’s Bistro in the Haymarket.



This cutting-edge ad agency prefers the Mediterranean fare Sultan’s Kite on O Street.



Want a good slice of ‘za? Grab your favorite WordPress hosters and join them at Mangia’s, an Italian favorite in Omaha with startups.

Pixel Bakery


Ad work isn’t easy, that’s why these creatives need some comfort food over at AmuManu Ramen Bar in Lincoln.

Digital Sky


Scouring the skies for good panoramic pictures leads to quite the appetite! These drone-savvy entrepreneurs love to chow down at Leadbelly’s near Pinnacle Bank Arena.



Maybe it’s because they have guest WiFi’s, but these coders and marketing analyzers don’t shy away from Himalayan Java or the Mexican fare at any La Mesa location in Nebraska or Iowa.

Story Seven


Life in startups can be difficult, but no fear—comfort food is near at Omaha’s Lisa’s Radial and 11Worth.



It’s a business that strives to put people in the right neighborhood, but they have their own favorite food at Maggie’s Vegetarian Cafe in the Haymarket.

Community Heritage Laboratories


These community service providers have their own little community at The Verdict in Omaha.

The Startup Collaborative


Some of these start ups owe their success to this organization, and maybe a lunch at Mother India in Omaha.

Startups + Food + Drink

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By Chas Bogatz

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