It was 23 degrees with a nasty wind chill the morning I started at DealAnyDay.

I chose to carry a thermos for my coffee, but forgot gloves. Halfway from my car to our office, my hands went numb. I never seriously thought I’d get frostbite before that morning. I completely understand I was being dramatic. But in the moment, I was cold. Bitterly cold.

That’s why the Aloha Spirit was such a blessing that morning.

Let me explain—our President, Mailani Veney, is from Hawaii. We have a light-up Aloha sign in our office. We have shirts with hibiscus flowers. We do shaka in every picture. I’ve had Hawaiian Spam on-the-clock. As I am writing this blog, I literally just had a conversation about Hawaiian shirts.

aloha sign

But we’re not just being cute. Aloha Spirit is a key proponent to our culture. If there is a bit of tension one day at the office, we approach it with Aloha Spirit. When we are on a sales call, we pitch with Aloha Spirit. Finally, when the clock strikes 5, we attend to Aloha Fridays and might indulge in some after-hour drinks.

This is my last week with DealAnyDay as I plan to relocate out of Lincoln. Of course, I’ll miss the free food, my work and my corner office view. But the thing I’ll miss the most is our Aloha culture.

If I didn’t hear an “Aloha!” from Mailani or Chris—our director of operations—in the morning, something was wrong. Even on the coldest, windiest Nebraska days, I enjoyed a warm Hawaii culture.

If I were to sum it up, the Aloha Spirit is caring, and being cared for.

Now, I’m prepped for it all—the “real” world away from the oasis that is Nebraska might include long hours in a forgotten cubicle tucked away in a giant corporate headquarters. Often, people’s individual walks just naturally lead there. I’m not afraid though, because I interned with a company that put its culture and work environment as a top priority. I think I’ll forever be grateful.

I’ll never spend time so much time in Hawaii for as cheap ever again.

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