To be a local in Hawai’i is a badge of honor. We even have a word for it in the islands: kama’aina (pronounced ka-ma-eye-na). It literally means “child of the land.” Hawai’i locals are gifted with special deals and discounts. Kama’aina discounts aren’t usually advertised, but are a hidden perk you have to ask for. And because you’re local, you know to ask.

Which is why we made the decision to rebrand our company from DealAnyDay to LocalAnyDay.

Your Local Friend

Why LocalAnyDay? Because being local feels good. Being local is comfortable. People crave feeling local.

Getting special treatment, knowing the lay of the land, having the inside scoop, enjoying the hidden treasures. You know how it is to feel welcomed, to know the best stomping grounds, where to eat, where to Happy Hour, where to get kids’ specials, where to fix your plumbing, where to style your hair, where to golf, where to get your pet treats, where the favorite farmers markets are + so much more.

And we came to realize in growing our company, this desire to be local is a global want.

We’ve known that DealAnyDay wasn’t going to be our lifetime name. In growing to over 30+ cities, being local quickly bubbled to the top in why people love our service. We have tons of testimonials from people on why they use our service. One of my favorites is from Andrew:

“The best and my favorite feature is its ability to shed light on so many local businesses that I’d never heard of, even after living in the same city for well over twenty years.”


This summer, I met with my friend, Clint Runge, owner of a marketing agency that specializes in youth culture, Archrival. They do branding and marketing for big brands, like Red Bull, Adidas and they led the rebrand of the cities of Lincoln, Nebraska and San Antonio, Texas.  As we were talking about my company, Clint stopped me and asked when we were going to rebrand – to have our name catch up with our value. I told him that I was thinking about a year or two from now. He impressed on me the immediacy of the need to change soon. Why? He said we have a greater purpose than the DealAnyDay name implied – and that name would limit us in the future. Basically, we needed our name and our identity to match our vision and our promise.

So we planned for five months and rebranded. And chose a name and identity that matches our vision and our promise. 

What’s new?

How does having a new name (LocalAnyDay), a new look (vintage Hawaiian), a new tagline (Eat, Drink, Shop, Save Local), and an updated website change our business? It gives us a clear sense of promise – why we commit ourselves to growing our company. Technology startups are hard, demanding, and challenging. Our new name gives our team a goal. Like raising a child. When my husband and I named our babies, we gave name to their futures and to their promise. Likewise, naming LocalAnyDay, we envision how our company will grow and evolve in the future.

There’s a lot to living like a local. We don’t promise to cover it all, but we do help out in important areas. For one entire year before we incorporated, we spent time interviewing and talking to hundreds of people about what they wanted in our service. And people resoundingly told us, they wanted information that is 1) mobile 2) local 3) centered on price.

People want a trusted resource.

And that’s what we’ve built. Every piece of information in our listings, deals or everyday prices, is all hand-picked, either by our team or from the businesses themselves. We do all the work – the research, the leg work, the Googling, talking to businesses – so our users don’t have to. One of our promises is “We do the work. You have the fun.”



So being local means we help people to live and save local. Local people benefit. And the local businesses benefit. We want people to know about all of the businesses in their neighborhood. Unlike revenue-sharing companies where people are loyal to the coupon, at LocalAnyDay, people are loyal to the experience. We help people to discover and to feel local. In turn, that brings businesses closer to customers.

From start to finish, our rebranding has taken five months. And we did it all in-house. Taking on the challenge with our young company is material for another blog. What were our wins? What did we screw up? How did we pick a name that wasn’t already taken as a domain, already taken on social media? Why did we decide on the vintage Hawaiian theme (surprise, it wasn’t my idea!)? How did we choreograph our marketing and tech teams to work together?  How did we make this process fun?!

So back to being Kama’aina.

Recently, my daughter and I were having a drink at a NYC-area hotel. We learned the bartender was from Hawai’i; when he found out I was from there and my daughter graduated from the University of Hawai’i, he gave us the kama’aina discount as a surprise gift. We were thousands of miles away from the islands… and still we felt the gift of local.

Kama'aina discount on receipt

There’s a lot to being local and at LocalAnyDay we are thrilled to be helping.  A LinkedIn growth executive told me at a San Francisco conference, “You’ve built an incredibly powerful platform.” He confirmed that our local + mobile is the right identity for us. Mahalo (Thank You) for letting us be your friend in Local!

LocalAnyDay Your Local Friend


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  1. What a great article! I loved reading about the reasoning behind the LocalAnyDay rebranding! Yay kama’aina!

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