Who here is thinking spring? Okay I know it’s barely February, but as soon as New Years wraps up, I’ve always got my sights set on the new season. This means so many things to me – when the temperature warms up and the trees bud, my favorite venues bring concerts outside, I catch happy hours on the patio, and farmer’s markets on the weekends.

There are so many things to do here in Lincoln, my friends and I can’t keep track of it all. We always find fun stuff to do, but we inevitably miss super cool events, hearing about them only after it’s too late. That’s why I’m so excited to announce the spring campaign here at LocalAnyDay #LocalLNK. I’m sort of convinced that following LocalAnyDay is going to save my social life this spring…we’re going to be all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram posting about everything local that I would otherwise be missing. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Twitter: Specials galore! My friends and I are 100 times more excited to go out when we know we can save a little on a meal. Coupons aren’t really my thing, so you will find us anywhere with an awesome happy hour or a daily special that I crave (who said taco Tuesday?) LocalAnyDay will be tweeting about specials at bars and restaurants in Lincoln every day of the week. That’s right. Every. Day. If you’re looking to change up your usual spots, or if you can’t remember specials for any day of the week other than Tuesday, be sure to keep up with #LocalLNK!

Facebook: Okay this is seriously cool – The LocalAnyDay Facebook page is going to get tasty with a video series about some of your local favorites here in Lincoln. Think, Copal Mexican Restaurant, Cowboy Chicken, Burger FI and more! We’ll be getting to know new businesses each week and passing some secrets off to you. Get ready for behind the scenes and hearing about the story behind your local favorites.

Snapchat: We’ll be snapping from local events all around town. You’ll find our team at happy hours, bars, campus events, concerts, and more! If you’re looking for something to do tonight or trying to figure out which bar to go to next, LocalAnyDay will be on the spot to show you what’s going on and where. Make sure you have us as a friend — @localanyday.

Instagram: Get to know us! LocalAnyDay has the most inspired team, and we’re going to be posting all about it on our gram. Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a tech startup? You can get up close and personal with us in our stories and get a vibe for aloha spirit though our feed. We can’t wait to show you what living local is all about!

In-Person Events: We’re working on partnering with some of your local favorites to put on some great events. We’re hoping to have these once a month and they’re going to be a blast! We’ll be at local businesses celebrating the greatness of being local and offering some great deals at the business.

(Photo from UNO’s ‘Get to know the O’ event)

Website Redesign: It’s time to go LocalAnyDay 2.0! We’re redesigning our website to make it the best customer experience you’ve ever had. Don’t worry, all your favorite deals will still be there, just in a new design! We don’t have an approximate date yet, but be watching for updates coming very soon.

So I’m aware that there are still a couple months of winter to get through (give or take a few weeks depending on the groundhog). But as we all crawl out of hibernation and get some sun on our faces, be sure to check out everything that’s going on in Lincoln both at localanyday.com, our app (which you can find in the App Store and Google Play Store) and social feeds. We’ll be talking about things you don’t want to miss!

Written by Erin Johnson

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