Who can tell me when it got to be the middle of February? I feel like I didn’t see January conclude or this month begin. Didn’t we just ring in the New Year and all go back to work yesterday? Something about this time of year gets busy and goes by so fast! I say every year that I’m going to start cooking healthy meals at home and get to the gym regularly. January always goes great – I buy fresh veggies, meal prep and pack lunches, bring gym clothes to work and hit it when the day is done. But for some reason, February is a different story. I suddenly get so busy I can’t see straight, let alone cook or jog and my resolutions hit a rough patch.

I’m going to do it differently this year, though. This time of year gets busy for everyone, and instead of throwing a freezer pizza in the oven, or skipping the workout, I’ll be using these tips and tricks to keep my resolutions on track! SO, without further edu, here are ten ways to keep your new year’s resolution when you’re too busy to think:

Eat a good breakfast. If you’re like me, you snooze that alarm for as long as humanly possible, and barely make it out the door with shoes on, let alone food in your stomach. Eating breakfast is the best way to start the day on a healthy note; and if you can’t find the time to cook, then this is the ish for you. Veggie Breakfast Tacos at Eat Fit Go are only $6.75. For a little more than a latte, I can fuel my body with protein and reduce the temptation to grab for those office donuts.


                Veggie Breakfast tacos via Eat Fit Go

Buy your snacks in BULK. I’m a huge snacker, and I’m always tempted by the office donuts I mentioned before. My solution? Almonds. I buy a whole pound of them at a time at Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market and carry them with me wherever I go. The protein curbs cravings, keeps me full, and really helps me stay on track.

Carry a water bottle. Everywhere! The more often you have it with you, the more likely you are to drink from it, and staying hydrated is the key to life, possibly.


Healthy lunch? No problem! I get that eating out is often unhealthy – things get out of control fast with massive portion sizes and who-knows-what ingredients going in. But with places like Source. eat fit. around, I don’t worry. I recommend their Impasta’ Spaghetti, spaghetti squash, topped with Italian meat sauce; to satisfy those hearty cravings on these cold days!

Impasta’ Spaghetti via Source. eat fit.

Don’t forget to move. I’m notorious for taking a lap around our building a couple times per day, just to wake my body up and keep my brain feeling fresh! In reality, no one has time to do a hard core power workout every single day. But it’s important to stay active in any way you can.

Snack time again? For me it would be. I might have a snacking problem, but it’s hard to feel bad about it when High Vibe Cafe has the most refreshing afternoon snacks. If you’ve never tried an acai bowl, now’s the time. Their Husker bowl is my favorite, because #GBR, but they also have kale chips, so I’m satisfied whether my mood is sweet or salty.

Photo via High Vibe Cafe

Put it in your planner. If you sign yourself up for a workout class, you’re 100 times more likely to workout that day. Real statistics, people! And the cool thing is there is now a workout class to fit every personality. Extrovert? Zumba. Introvert? Yoga. Somewhere in between (like me)? My favorite workout class is barre and at Pure Barre, you can get five weeks of unlimited classes for $99. It’s the best thing.

Photo via Pure Barre

Balance your meals. Researchers always disagree when it comes to nutrition, so it’s important to do what feels best for you. I’m a huge breakfast eater, so I prefer to eat a lighter dinner at the end of the day. I’m obsessed with the salads at Toast, especially their California Cobb, which has all of my favorite meats and veggies on top of fresh mixed greens. They have every creamy dressing to make your mouth water, but when I’m trying to keep it light I go for the sesame vinaigrette.

Combine healthy and hearty. I mentioned earlier that I crave hearty food in the cold winters, and lots of people (myself included) use the cold weather as a reason to slowly drop their new year’s resolutions. I would recommend finding the foods that make you feel full, that are made of healthier swaps. I’m almost always craving burgers, and BurgerFi’s black bean veggie burger is AMAZING. It’s the best healthy swap on the face of the earth, hands down. If you’re a die-hard burger-eater and aren’t sure about veggie burgers, this one will change your life.

Photo via BurgerFi

Treat yo’ self! We’ve all heard this one before, but it is so necessary. No one’s perfect! If you need to skip the workout, do it. If you need to get ice cream, or a muffin, or a cookie – do it. Being happy will help you keep your resolution, and letting yourself have a little treat will keep you from accidentally finishing a pint of B&J’s later. In Lincoln, check out Ivanna Cone, 402 Creamery, Rabbit Hole Bakery, or the Cookie Company to give yourself a little break.

Photo via Rabbit Hole Bakery // 402 Creamery

For the first time I feel good about my resolution in the middle of February. I feel better, and am therefore getting more work done. I hope these tips help all you busy people who need some inspo to keep going! Not seeing your go-to place to eat out or your life-saving resolution tip? Let us know what you do on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.

Written by Erin Johnson


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