I get asked all the time what it’s like to work at a tech startup. Some people ask if the environment is busy and competitive, while others wonder what I do, why I like it and what my co-workers are like. Anyone who’s asked me about working at LocalAnyDay knows that it’s the most amazing workplace. A lot of this has to do with the unique company culture, something we call Aloha Spirit. Other than that, it’s all about the people. Small independent firms always have the most driven, enthusiastic, talented workers, and LocalAnyDay is no exception. Beyond being awesome employees and coworkers, these are people that I want to grab a drink with. They’re fun and inspiring, and I’m always looking forward to hearing what’s new with them. This post is the first in a series to help you get to know us a little better. This week, we’re highlighting our marketing team, which we call the ‘Wave Team’. Keep reading and learn more about the team, as well as their favorite spot in Linc. Who knows! You might see one of us there sometime soon.

I’m Erin Johnson, a blogger at LocalAnyDay. I love doing this work because it’s an opportunity to write about the things that are on my mind – like fall drinks and Christmas giving! This is such a fun and positive platform and writing for them feels like a breath of fresh air every time. My favorite place to grab a bite in Lincoln is El Rey and I always get the tongue tacos. Don’t knock em till you try em! But then I go to Fuzzy’s to get my marg fix.

Erin Johnson, Blogger

Syd Lock is a Campaign Creative on the Wave team and she says “ I love my position because I love getting to interact with our customers and attract and connect people with our brand and our community.” Her fave spot is Down the Hatch on Thursdays for $5 burgers and $2 endless pints of beer.

Sydney Lock, Campaign Creative

Next meet Laura Kramer! She’s the Branding and Design intern and she loves working here, “Because it gives me the opportunity to be creative in a friendly environment and create for the people of Lincoln, which is so important to me!” She’s also a lover of Fuzzy’s because it is the best stop for food any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and her favorite -a midnight snack!

Laura Kramer, Branding and Design

Maeve Nelson is LocalAnyDay’s Art Director. She loves ideating our brand and representing our values and content visually, then sharing this with locals. She’s a BurgerFi fan around lunch time for their veggie burger, which I can attest is the best thing ever.

Maeve Nelson, Art Director

Say hello to Alli Huppert, who is the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. She runs Twitter and sends out a weekly newsletter from the company. She says, “It’s fun because I literally get to scroll through Twitter and tweet fun things for my job.” #Goals, amirite? You can catch Alli chilling on Barry’s rooftop, where the view of downtown compliments the drinks. Don’t worry Alli, rooftop weather is right around the corner!

Alli Huppert, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

And last but not least, meet Lindsay Meyer, our fearless leader, the Marketing and Brand Team Lead. She likes getting to explore all parts of marketing/advertising/PR in a company where she “Work(s) with some rockstar people.” She says Las Margaritas has the best margs in town and a ton of choices for flavor.

Lindsay Meyer, Marketing & Brand Team Lead

Who do you think is serving up the best margs in Lincoln? Best veggie burger? I dare you to find a better tongue taco than at El Rey. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to say hey if you see any of the Wave team around town! We’d love to meet you.

Written by Erin Johnson

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