Business managers always talk about the un-teachables – how you can teach an employee to do a lot of things, but not everything. The key to success in lots of small businesses, here at LocalAnyDay especially, is the full-package staff. They’re the intelligent, driven doers, that you also love to work with and want to get to know after-hours. People always think that startups are hyper-competitive and that their employees are overworked. You may have read Wanna Grab a Drink with our Wave Team? And realized that this isn’t the case where I work. LocalAnyDay’s secret sauce is their company culture that attracts workers with those unteachable qualities that managers can’t get enough of. Because we’re so proud of the fantastic group of people we’ve rounded up, we want to introduce you to our Dive team, our market researchers. Below, they’re talking about who they are, what they do and why they love it. Our Dive team is across the nation – so if you’re in the Midwest or the East Coast, be sure to catch them at their favorite spot! Without further edu:

Meet Jack Glover! He connects with businesses to ensure the accuracy of deals, as well as passing on information to the sales team when appropriate. He says, “I like working at LocalAnyDay because it gives all employees the chance to work in areas where their strengths are. In addition to this, I enjoy actively participating in changing processes as we grow and adapt.” His favorite spot to grab a drink in Lincoln is at Hiro 88, and if I was a betting gal I’d guess it’s his favorite spot to get a chicken lettuce wrap as well!

Jack Glover, Market Research Analyst

Lama Darji is another member of the Dive team, and she loves being to help find new deals or update old ones for people to use to find deals and specials to their favorite restaurants and bars! She lives in New Jersey, where her favorite place to eat is On the Border.

Lama Darji, Market Research Intern

Market Research Project Manager Caroline Rong likes problem-solving. She says, “The department has been going under continuous change on how to improve the content we can share to create a better experience for the community.” Also out of New Jersey, Caroline recommends the bubble tea at Hokkaido in New Brunswick for the variety in the menu. She says her favorite is Taro milk tea cause it tastes like cupcakes. I honestly can’t imagine what that tastes like but I think I need it….now….

Caroline Rong, Market Research Project Manager

Meet Nicholas Hutt, who goes by Nick. His job on the Dive team is to call businesses and ensure their deals listed on the site are accurate and up-to-date. He likes working at LocalAnyDay because everyone is striving to be the best at what they do. Nick likes to eat at Lazlo’s in Lincoln’s Haymarket. Totally agree with that one I’m pretty sure there’s nothing bad on their menu!

Nick Hutt, Market Research Intern

The Dive team gets in the nitty-gritty, works the behind-the-scenes of LocalAnyDay. We truly would not be up and running without them. Each of these individuals are masters of the unteachables – all incredibly driven and hard working, and also the people you want to be around after hours. Whether you’re on the East Coast or in the Midwest, you’ll have to check out these spots and let us know what you think!

Written by Erin Johnson

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