Anyone who’s ever had a job knows there’s a difference between having a boss and having a leader. There’s a big difference in working with someone who hears, versus someone who listens; intimidates or inspires; and commands versus inquires. The Leadership team at LocalAnyDay is a phenomenal bunch. They’re the type of people that when you’re having a conversation with you, you really feel like they understand what you’re saying, thinking and feeling; which is such a useful thing in a creative environment. Not only have they been instrumental in helping me think through my position at Local, but they’ve been really encouraging about my long-term goals, always helping me consider the way I can position myself now to help my future self be more successful. These are the go-tos for anything, and I mean anything. They’re open door people, always willing to make time, with no subject off limits.

The Leadership team is the engine that gets things going in the office, the glue that holds us all together, the foundation of the castle that is LocalAnyDay. Instead of sharing more descriptive metaphors, I’ll just introduce you to the team and let you see for yourself how instrumental they are to all things Local.

First of all, you’ve gotta meet Chis Burma. No one really calls him Chris, in fact it feels weird to call him that because he’s Burma to all of us. He says, “My title is Director of Operations, but I like to wear a lot of hats! My roles range from leading daily activities & operations, managing our finances, to collaborating with our awesome team and giving them the tools they need to succeed in their roles.” So, he does everything. And is amazing at it! He is a self-proclaimed “huuuuuuge burger guy”, so you can catch him at LeadBelly’s or Honest Abe’s, but if he had to choose, Honest Abe’s would take the cake because their menu rotates and Burma is AdVeNtUrOuS.

Chris Burma, Director of Operations

Next, meet Porscha Colville. She’s the Team Success Manager at Local and says, “Everyday I work I’m given the opportunity to connect with other team members and to serve the community of Lincoln. As a sophomore in college, it’s great to already feel as if my work is having a positive impact in the lives of others.” This position warrants infectious personalities and Porscha fills that space beautifully. She’s also a big fan of Blue Sushi and all of these co-workers talking about how much they love Blue is making me crave some sushi. Did you know that our office is within walking distance from the Haymarket location? Hmm tempting..

Porscha Colville, Team Success Manager

This is the last thing I’ll say about this leadership team, because I could sing their praises for days. They are so full of respect for each individual around here – their craft, who they are and what they do. Do you have a boss that you just wanna grab a drink with? Tell us about them on our Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to hear about them and you.

Written by Erin Johnson

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