Working for a tech startup, most of our team drinks coffee and loves the many local coffee shops Lincoln has to offer. With 20+ coffee shops, there are way too many choices! Here are a couple of our favorite drinks from some of our local favorites.


The Mill

With four locations, we obviously have to mention The Mill! Based out of the historic Haymarket, the Mill is an iconic Lincoln experience. Whenever my Mom is in town, she always goes to the Mill to try their Iced Coffee. Our Wave Team Lead, Porscha, loves their Kombucha or Mint Tea. From our Dive Team, Sydney always orders their Caramel Macchiatos.

Courtesy of Nebraska Today 


Coffee House

Located in downtown Lincoln, a block away from UNL, the Coffee House is a coffee shop perfect for studying or getting work done. LocalAnyDay alum, Alli, enjoys the Coffee House’s (or CoHo’s) Americanos or Vanilla Lattes. Despite being a UNL student, I just discovered the Coffee House (better late than never)! If I am in a mood for a sweet coffee-based drink, I go for their Irish Mochas, iced or hot. I also recommend their Tibetan Raspberry Iced Tea, if you’re more of a tea person.

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Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso

Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso is a great coffee shop for anyone in south Lincoln. They love to support local artists and musicians by hosting live music and art shows. Hiep, from our Wave Team, likes Meadowlark because it is a “quaint little coffee shop.” He recommends trying their black coffee. For the non coffee drinkers out there, try their italian sodas!

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Crescent Moon

Located across the street from our office, in the historic Haymarket, the Crescent Moon is a fun coffee shop located underneath the Apothecary. For someone who enjoys open mic nights and a cozy, basement feel this is for you. Our Director of Operations, Chris, recommends their Espresso Shakes. Another popular item from Crescent Moon are their Panini Sandwiches, served from 11 am – 9 pm, for a good study break munch or a quick bite with friends. If you live a busy lifestyle, you can also call ahead orders at Crescent Moon!

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Destinations is a cozy, coffee shop north of UNL’s City Campus. The brick buidling used to be an old auto shop, and it has a great view of the university. Jessica, from our Wave Team, loves the seasonal drinks at Destinations, especially the holiday drinks because they “taste like Christmas in a mug.” My personal favorite from Destinations is also one of their seasonal drinks, S’mores Mocha, which reminds me of summer during the semester.

Courtesy of Destinations Coffee website

By David Bartle

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