Donuts and coffee. Steak and potatoes. Hotdogs and soft drinks, Angelina and Brad Pitt (RIP). There are plenty of awesome one-two combos out there, but one is usually overlooked: Burgers & Beer.

Seriously, what’s better than cold brew alongside a juicy burger? NOTHING I TELL YOU!

...Also, is there a more ‘American’ combo than that? Whenever I take a bite out of a burger, I feel like waving an American Flag while chanting “U-S-A!” at the top of my lungs as a bald eagle soars overhead.

On a real note though, I’ve been to every brewery and burger joint in Lincoln (yes, it was as expensive as you’d think)  and here are my three personal favorites in each category.


#3 Burger Joint: LeadBelly

Location: Haymarket
Address: 301 N 8th St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Burgers: 4.25/5 Stars
Beers: 3/5 Stars
Overall Score: 3.75 Stars

I can’t remember a time where I didn’t leave LeadBelly absolutely stuffed. Their traincar-esque motif is authentic and fun, but their burgers truly steal the show. Feeling something different (and amazing?) Try their Full Leaded Jacket burger. It consists of a fresh-baked cinnamon roll, chili, Queso Awesome, white cheddar,  tomato, onion, fresh jalapeno, sour cream and crisp corn tortilla chips.

LocalAnyDay Hack: If you get the Full Leaded Jacket, substitute fries for tortilla chips for only $2. Totally worth the upgrade.

Courtesy of Trip Advisor


#2 Burger Joint: HopCat

Location: Haymarket
Address: 601 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Burgers: 3.75/5 Stars
Beers: 4.5/5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.25 Stars

This spot has it all. Endless beer taps, remarkable burgers, and a welcoming environment. While beer may be the selling point of HopCat, their burgers are as underrated as the men’s Nebrasketball team. My recommendation? The Bar Zee (signature) burger. It contains a ½ pound patty with hickory-smoked bacon, pickled jalapenos, bar cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion.

LocalAnyDay Hack: Stop by Monday – Thursday, 3 – 6pm for $5 off ANY burger if you’re dining in.

Courtesy of Feast Magazine


#1 Burger Joint: Honest Abe’s

Location: Downtown
Address: 126 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Burgers: 4.5/5 Stars
Beers: 3.75/5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.25 Stars

Honest Abe’s is the New York Yankees of burger joints in Lincoln. Boasting numerous locations, Honest Abe’s features unmatched burgers, impeccable Freedom Fries, and fun boozy drinks.  Their burgers range from classics to creative, utilizing ingredients and flavors that you would never expect on a burger. Their ‘Freedom Shakes’ are a fun, delicious, and 21+ option for those looking for a perfect complement to their burger.

LocalAnyDay Hack: Always get their truffle fries. Always.

Courtesy of Find Me Gluten Free



#3 Brewery: Green Flash Brewhouse & Eatery

Location: Downtown
Address: 1630 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Burgers: 4.5/5 Stars
Beers: 4/5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.25

Award-winning national brand with a local feel. Green Flash’s burgers are incredible, and their beers are delicious straight off the tap. While they have a limited selection, their beers are worth the trip. Too lazy to come in? Their beers are sold nationwide.

LocalAnyDay Hack: Their bartenders are very knowledgeable. Tell them your beer preferences, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Courtesy of Green Flash Brewhouse Facebook page


#2 Brewery: Zipline Brewing Company

Location: West Lincoln
Address: 2100 Magnum Cir #1, Lincoln, NE 68522
Burgers: N/A
Beers: 4.25/5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.3 Stars

While they may not have the national brand of Green Flash, they are a large local distributor and award winner. Being a dude that loves local, Zipline slides nicely into the number two spot. I highly recommend their Kolsch (German-style beer).

LocalAnyDay Hack: Check-out their Beer Hall!

Courtesy of Tall Glass of Film


#1 Brewery: Boiler Brewing Company

Location: Haymarket
Address: 129 N 10th St #8, Lincoln, NE 68508
Burgers: 4/5 Stars
Beers: 5/5 Stars
Overall Score: 4.5 Stars

I hate to feed the brewmaster’s ego, but Boiler Brewing has something really special going on. Their rotating beer menu is packed to the brim with fun creations, ranging from crisp ales to heavy stouts, offering one-of-a-kind names. For instance, one of their current beers is called the “Orange Creamsicle Frozen Blonde Ale.” Ever heard of a “Quintuple Coffee IPA?”  Well… now you have! Their intriguing location, and burgers provided by
Single Barrel, create an all-around special experience for Lincolnites and travelers alike.

LocalAnyDay Hack: Are you a student? Get 25% off pours on Monday when you show your Student ID!

Courtesy of Boiler Brewing Company website



Maybe you agree with my rankings 100%, or maybe you think I’m unhinged. Either way, leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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-By Chris Burma

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