As a vegetarian, I often encounter roadblocks when it comes to eating out. And even when I see no issues in finding something to eat, it always seems like my friends think of me as a burden when choosing where to go or whether or not there are going to be options for me. After a couple of years, I have gathered some tried and true tips to make my meat-free life easier. Whether you’ve given up meat completely or just opting for a meatless meal, here is my expert list of vegetarian restaurant hacks I wish I knew sooner:



This one is obvious, but Chipotle is a perfect place to go if you are vegetarian, or for any food preference. The guac is not extra if you don’t get any meat. The tortillas, and contrary to popular belief, the black and pinto beans are vegan.

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This Nebraska favorite is a frequent stop for my friends, family, and I. This menu is definitely catered to a meat lover, but there are great non-meat options. First, there is the obvious veggie burger. But my favorite is the Southwest salad, no chicken. When you order without the chicken, the remove $2 from the price, which makes it an inexpensive meat-free meal.

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This chain has many meat-free options. Right now, it is Autumn Squash soup season, which is my favorite season of the year. They have vegetarian soups daily, and many meat-free salads and sandwiches. Panera also offers to replace the meat with avocado on any salad, which is usually an additional charge. My move, though, is to get the meat-free salads and save a few bucks.

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The Oven

This is a more specific local place, but one I find myself at on a weekly basis because of their extensive vegetarian menu. My personal favorite is the vegetable madras, and it comes with a soup or salad, which are both vegetarian. No matter what you choose, you can guarantee it is meat-free and fantastic.

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R Taco (Rusty’s Taco)

R Taco is a chain with a growing presence in Nebraska with a few locations in Omaha and a new location in downtown Lincoln. I have been to the new Lincoln location about two times a week since it opened I love it so much. There are tons of vegetarian tacos labeled on the menu, along with all-day breakfast taco options. My personal favorite is the Rajas taco, which is a meatless mushroom taco, and my meat loving sister can’t resist it either.

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BurgerFi has my personal favorite veggie burger, hands down. They have a few different veggie burger options, and I choose the Vegefi burger, which is a quinoa-based veggie patty. I opt for the burger green style, which replaces the bun with lettuce to lighten it even more.

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Carnivores and herbivores alike can be sure to land a great meal at any of these places. Check out these deals and thousands more on our app and website LocalAnyDay. And check back here on our blog for weekly updates and recommendations from our team!

-By Maeve Nelson

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