LocalAnyDay was created in the hopes of providing advertising and promotion services for local stores, restaurants, and everything in between. Since a large portion of the businesses we work with are the same type of company, I’ve put together a collection of marketing mistakes you could be making while promoting your business.

Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Turning a Blind Eye to Bad Customer Reviews

Customers typically write reviews for one of two reasons – either they’re pleased with what your company has provided them or they’re not satisfied. It is essential to pay attention to both reviews, but it is most important to respond to and try to resolve the negative experiences when dealing with your company. This attempt to make amends with the reviewer not only addresses a bad perception about your company from that person but also shows readers of the reviews that your company is dedicated to fixing its flaws and value consumer feedback.

Being Scared of Social Media

There is an intimate relationship between consumers and their mobile phones. Through our research here atLocalAnyDay, many different sources have suggested that companies post at least one video a month on social media platforms. Videos add a more dynamic aspect to your company’s page than the average social media post that your followers are scrolling through endlessly. It is important to keep in mind that 80% of people watch videos on their phone without sound, so you should utilize some form of captioning in your videos.

In addition to posting videos, you should also be interacting with your customers on Twitter and other social media platforms. One brand that comes to mind when I think of having excellent customer interaction, is the Wendy’s Twitter account. Their replies are often humorous, and they have built a reputation around that. For businesses, Twitter is the best place to interact with your customers – through conversations that support, educate, and entertain people. Keep in mind that you can always inquire about a public tweet [or any social media post] through a more private approach, direct messaging.

Not Creating Unique Landing Pages

Chances are your customers view numerous web pages on a given day. There needs to be something about your landing page – the first page displayed on your website – that is intriguing. Visitors to your site should be able to feel your company’s culture right through their phone or computer screens. This being said, try to stay away from having too much information or clutter on your landing page. Also, navigating your page should be as smooth as possible.

Keeping these tips in mind while promoting your company, brand, service, or whatever it may be, could drastically improve your customer interaction and image across all media platforms. If you are a customer of LocalAnyDay, stay tuned for a monthly marketing tip in the soon.

-By Ali Brehmer




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