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Experience Lincoln

Are you looking for fun ways to explore the city? Hyde Observatory is a hidden gem that is one of my personal favorites. My mom and I have always shared a love for astronomy, and I remember going to Hyde when Saturn was in view. It looked like someone put a sticker on the other […]

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Artsy things to do in Lincoln

Whether you’re a broke college student looking for a study break or just looking to explore Lincoln’s art scene, here are some ways to bring out your creative side without breaking the bank. Paint Yourself Silly At Paint Yourself Silly, you’ll be provided with the pottery and paint of your choice. Pick your piece of […]

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Our favorite local coffee drinks

Working for a tech startup, most of our team drinks coffee and loves the many local coffee shops Lincoln has to offer. With 20+ coffee shops, there are way too many choices! Here are a couple of our favorite drinks from some of our local favorites.   The Mill With four locations, we obviously have […]

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